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Life Of A Themer

As we all know that Mobiles technologies are conquering the world and with the passage of time different mobile companies introducing their new models. A mobile is dumb if you will not use new style themes and for this purpose their are many Themers in this world who show their skills by making beautiful themes.

I saw many people who always criticized the work of a person and also used abusive words for them. So I thought that I will write a blog about the life of a themer. My name is Hasan Baloch and I am also one of the small themer in this big world of Themers. I have my own website ThemeReflex who is founded by Zayed Baloch.

Users who use our themes should know that I how we make themes, the main purpose of a themer is not money or fame it is just a themer’s passion to make themes for others. A new themer will take more than an hour in making a beautiful theme and an old 7 professional themer will take have an hour.

How I can neglect the time that a themer serve in making flash files for inspiring themes because it take time for a good design and searching wallpapers through Google will also serve time. During making themes diiferent thoughts revolve in the mind of a themer and it is based on conditions. For example A new themer will think that either the people will like his/her theme or not and a person who receives abusive or bad comments will lose his confidence during making themes.

People have rights to point out the mistakes in themes and to give good suggestions to the themer for their themes but their are no rights to the users to use abusive words. At last I will give some suggestions to the themers and users.

I will suggest to the users that please never use abusive or slang words in your comments because it will produce harsh behaviour in the mind  of a themer for their users. A themer also lose his patience when some leechers stole their works.

Now I will suggest to the themers that never lose confidence and continue your good work for others. There are some themers who use others flashfiles in their themes I request to those themers that never do this and show your own skills to the world.

Note: In this article I do not incident light on a themer’s personal life my views are about a person who makes themes.

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