Pakistan or Pornistan? (Real Face of Pakistanis)

30 Aug

Pakistan or Pornistan? I am sure that you will be thinking why I wrote Pornistan but for that you have to know about Pakistan first.

Pakistan got freedom in the name of Islam on 14th August, 1947. I don’t think this is an Islamic country because in my eyes an Islamic country is a country where people love each other, where people respect each other, where people sacrifice their lives for other, where people follow the commands of Islam in all mean. Pakistan is a country where people don’t love other they even kill each other for other. Do you think Pakistan is an Islamic country?.

However! Europe countries are on top in success and also in making records. Pakistan is going down and down in every field, but wait a minute their is a field where Pakistan and Pakistanis are on top from all. They defeated all in this field. Do you know which field is that? That field is searching PORN videos and sites. Yeah Pakistan is on number 1 in searching Porn sites and watching porn videos. I am not blaming, okay just watch this video every question will be answered.

According to a Fox News report, Pakistan is “top dog in searches for ‘horse sex’, since 2004, ‘donkey sex’ since 2007, ‘rape pictures’ and ‘rape sex’ since 2004, ‘child sex’ between 2004 and 2007 and since 2009, ‘animal sex’ since 2004 and ‘dog sex’ since 2005”.

The country also tops or has topped in searches under the categories of sex, camel sex, rape video, child sex video and some other unprintables. The Pakistani embassy did not reply to a request for an interview, the report said.

Shame on us! Why we our ruining our self? Our new generation is going on wrong way. Please! Please! Please! I request to all that please stop this. If you want to be on top than please be number 1 in good fields.

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3 responses to “Pakistan or Pornistan? (Real Face of Pakistanis)

  1. soumik

    September 26, 2011 at 2:51 pm

    pakistan is the product of karzonion political trick to breake the pre-unified India.without aparting pakistan and bangladesh India was a big complemented country.But issuing muslim point of view Jinnah was convinced to do that.What was the resultation..we,the indian or the pakistanis had been fighting or, suffering our eternal war killing each others.It is holded as a joke show to the Englishmen.Still they are encouraging us to be departed with each other.Hindus are loosing their conscience and the muslims are loosing their imaan,but frieng why dont we becoming friend with each other..what will be the profit to killing people wheather in pakistan or in india..

  2. soumik

    September 26, 2011 at 3:13 pm

    Hajrat muhamman was a person of first wonder.He started for some great work for men to make them so near by loving them at the bottom of his heart.Since then Muslim religion making his journey as a religion of a verse untouched span.there was no sign of intigration,regreation or violence.after invading India,instead of stablishing their own rules,the arabians were intermingled with the Indian good customs and both the country adopted each other with great respect.Even there was no sign of departation in between both which has been regarded and respected as a signed version of muslim religion.But it was the turkish Muslim,the mughals forefatherd by chengish khan,a meanminded man,deaf of any religion,spreaded a new kind of strain which was both aginst the muslims and is regarded that they wear the establisher of sensualism or what we callled the robust culture at top level.we are still bearing that strain. On the contrary Akbar was compleately different against of whomwle their was Aorangazib who even shew no mercy to any one regading his achievement of through the history line we are veing this ancient strain in our bolld,imandarise our koi sensualism se.thats the fact.

  3. Navneet Singh

    February 9, 2012 at 4:20 pm

    Awesome Post 🙂


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