God! Why you gave me Father?

14 Jun


God! Why you gave me Father? May be you are thinking why I chose this topic. No doubt Father is blessing from God to its human being, who help his children all the time. Father is like a pillar for his family. he support his
family in all mean.

But when He doesn’t care for his famly and always hurt them then only a statement come from his children that is “God! Why you gave me Father?”

The story which I am going to write is a 98% true. This story belongs to my friend name Jameel. Jameel was an intelligent boy, he always work hard. their was always a problem in his family that was his father. His father Lateef was in foreign country. Jameel’s father Lateef was a drinking man, he always drunk harmfuls drinks and after drinking often he phoned his family and misbehave with his family members, due to which jameel’s study often disturbed.

Jameel was a mature boy and he understood that his father had drunk. He saw his friends and their fathers. He saw their fathers love their children, a question came in his heart why his father is different? Why his father always create dispute?. Jameel always asked his mother why his father is not like his friend’s father? Why he always hurt us? but his mother never reply. Finally he said, “GOD! Why you gave me father”.

Jameel’s father did change yet. Jameel now also supporting his family. I pray Jameel will acheive success and will be a great man and great father in his future. This was short but true story of my friend.

names of individuals have been changed to protect their identities

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