An appeal to Pakistan from a Pakistani.

09 Jun

Today my mood is off and I am so sad today, the reason is that because last night I saw a video in which 6 armed Rangers of Ghazi wing caught 19 years old boy named Sarfaraz. He was unarmed, the last sentence were “Please don’t shoot, Please don’t shoot” but armed Ranger man doesn’t listened him and shot two bullets, He  again requested “please help me, call Ambulance please” but that selfish people let him die and Sarfaraz lost his life. 😦

Today I am feeling shame that I am citizen of this terror country (Pakistan) in which there is no humanity and life of a person means nothing. Our defense is our biggest enemy. You can watch live video here.

Yesterday Sarfaraz has been brutally killed by rangers in Karachi, tomorrow will be my or your killing news. It is humble request to Pakistan please leave us, we are innocent please don’t let us to die like this, we are innocent. It is my humble request to you, your policies are fake that are not yours. Mr.Pakistan you are recommended as a terrorist country, foreign people are ruling on you.

I am sorry Mr.Pakistan, I am so hurted today. After Kharotabad’s incident (Quetta) I saw second incident. My hurt is heavy today. I am feeling very miserable.  😦 😦 😦

Please share your thoughts here, also send your comments.


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3 responses to “An appeal to Pakistan from a Pakistani.

  1. neel123

    June 12, 2011 at 7:16 am

    @ Hasan Baloch,

    In the land of (so called) pure, the barbarians reign supreme. A nation formed in the name of Islam and Allah, has been taken over by people that have imposed 7th century Islam in the 21st century, all in the name of religion…. !

    This is what happens to a nation that has its foundation on intolerance and hatred towards other faiths, preaches hatred through school text books, madrassas and media, all in the name of Islam and Allah ………… !

  2. sultan

    November 14, 2011 at 11:45 pm

    what is the government doing there?arent they muslims who killed that boy?what are the ministers doing there?what is the media doing?


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