Osama’s death! What Taliban will do now?

03 May

02 May, 2011 now its become a historical day because it is day of Osama’s death. Osama bin Laden was on the 1st number on terrorist list, but now I think he will be remove from world terrorist list because he is no more. He has been killed in American Forces operation last night in Abottabad, Pakistan. U.S President Brack Obama also confirmed his death and Pakistan officials also confirmed it.

Question is that is Osama really dead or the news about his death is fake? Obama says that Osama’s death is biggest achievement for Americans. Osama was also founder of Al-Qaeda. If Osama’s death news is correct and if he has been killed in last night operation then there  will great impacts of it on America and also other countries.

It is clear that now Taliban will take revenge and their targets can be Americans and they will also attack now on Pakistan, because as Obama told that Pak Militants also participate in this operations. I think now Taliban will want to attack on Americans and they will not sit silently. They will give Osama’s death answer with big attacks. They can now attack Americans and also on American forces, they can now attack on Pakistan’s people and also on Pakistan’s army. They will try to show that they are still strong, because it is cleasr from past that whenever their big leader lost their life they attacked to show that they are strong.

Obama killed Osama and this is also benifet for Obama’s government. Now what you people will say, is Osama really dead or they are playing politics with world. Please share your opinion on this topic. You can follow me on twitter and facebook.

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