30 Apr

This season is busiest season for the student because in this season students are busy in the preparation for their exams. Every student wheather he/she be a dull or duffer student of his/her class but he have notes and books in hands all the time. Some time he/she will be in room and some time in terrace. Everyone wants to be prepared for their exams but irony is that we are living in that country where electric power is big problem.

In every region infact whole country is suffering from this problem. No one knows when the power will be vanish. Students are facing big problem in the path of their preparation for exams due to loadshedding (Vanish of electricity). I am also a student of (XI) and I have also disturbed by this problem. Exams and loadshedding have always been together, students are in problem but our government have no any idea that how to get rid from this problem.

There are some students which have generators in their home but every one can’t purchase generators, there are some students who are poor infact that no have money that they would buy candles for their preparation, what they will do? So there are big impacts of this especially on youth.

I am writing this blog and there is no power in our area at this time, NO ELECTRICITY means BAD RESULT and definitely BAD FUTURE. I always read this that Newton and other scientist or other great people sat beneath the street lights and prepared themselves, but how can we do this because we have NO STREETS LIGHT. If we don’t handle this problem then it will be worst. I request to government official please take action on this problem.

I hope you people will like this blog there are not only mine words everyone wants to get rid from this problem. Please send your comments and subscribe feed to be update. You can follow me on twitter and also on facebook.

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