What Zulqarnain Haider wants?

26 Apr

Zulqarnain Haider, you all know he was playing in Pakistan Cricket Team but during series with South Africa which was going in Dubai, he left Dubai and ran out from hotel. As it was final match but Zulqarnain neither think for his team nor for his country, he just left Dubai. As you all know this story and I will not discuss this story here.

The question is this that why Zulqarnain Haider did this? Was he telling truth or just lying? Let we go back to those days when he left Dubai and everyone was in worry that where he had gone, but He went to London.

This is true that everyone want popularity and he/she will do every thing which will make him/her popular, same thing Zulqarnain did during this series. He wants to become Popular, he wants to on air his name live on T.V Channels. He said he will disclose the people but he did not do it. He became famous not only in Pakistan but almost whole world and interior Minister of Pakistan Rehman Malik want London to meet him. After this meeting he decided to come back Pakistan. Now he is in Pakistan.

These words and this thought are mine because there are more telented Players in Pakistan cricket team but why fixer called him to loose match. It is clear that he wants to become famous.
Now what is your opinion? What you people say? should Zulqarnain Haider play in Pakistan Cricket Team after all this?
Please send me your responces because you have rights to revail your words.
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